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Fushion Foods

Reishi Mushroom Black Coffee
with 100% Unadulterated Ganoderma Lucidum
 (30 Sachets/box)
This listing is 2 boxes(60 sachets total)
Expired on 12/22/2021
Real Instant Black Coffee, Zero Jitters - Boost Brain Power 100% Naturally w/ Caffeine Free Reishi Mushroom Ganoderma Black Coffee – Robust Aroma & Taste - 30 Sachets
  • SUPERIOR KICK, LONGER BRAIN BOOST – 100% CAFFEINE FREE: Craving more Energy? Focus? And Productivity? FusionFoods 100% UNADULTERATED GANODERMA LUCIDA coffee promotes the kick, focus and mental acuity BETTER THAN Regular Coffee, WITHOUT the SLEEP DISTURBANCES, JITTERS or CRASH.
  • TASTES AUTHENTIC, BECAUSE IT IS - ROBUST MEDIUM-DARK ROAST: Because we craft this Ganoderma Coffee Instant Powder using EXPERT Full City Roasting practices, it delivers the same WARM, RICH AROMA & DEEP SATISFACTION you experience from your FAVORITE COFFEE, in a convenient, fast, delicious Instant Coffee Packet. Simply add water, sip & enjoy!
  • 100% ORGANICALLY GROWN – ZERO TOXINS or ADDITIVES: Did you know most Mushroom Coffee Companies attain organic certification while using organic pesticides, our instant mushroom coffee organic blend uses 100% ORGANIC GROWING PRACTICES, so it’s VEGAN, HACCP Certified & FREE FROM all those Chemicals, Pesticides and Additives hidden in other mushroom hot coffee brands.
  • NOT WEAK EXTRACT – OUR COMMITMENT TO YOUR HEALTH means we leverage the power of only 100% WHOLE FOOD GANODERM REISHI, not weak extract like other Reishi, Chaga or Lion’s Mane Coffee companies - so you’ll get the short term benefits mushroom extract powder delivers PLUS THE LONG TERM BENEFITS GAINED ONLY by consuming the whole mushroom.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – BECAUSE WE TEST our coffee mix for Purity, Potency, Flavor and Effect in our cGMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) facility, 

 Please Take note...This is not a decaffeinated coffee 

The Coffee has caffeine.

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